About Me...

I have over 20 years experience being a working mom, 10 of them single, and over 15 years as a life coach and school counselor. I bring together this experience with years of training in coaching and counseling as well. I never stop learning and growing and I bring all of this into my coaching.

Additionally, as in international life coach, speaker, and workshop leader, I have taught workshops on many topics including Empowerment, Self Care, Life Balance, Living Life to the Fullest, and Law of Attraction for over 15 years. I coach clients individually as well as have created and led groups using several mediums including live workshops, phone coaching, video conferencing, and even chat room discussions.

I have been trained as a life coach at CoachVille, a global coaching company founded by Thomas Leonard (considered the father of life coaching) where I eventually became Assistant to the General Manager. In that capacity, I led groups for the 100 day challenge and monthly Integrity Days. 

I also have a BA in Sociology, an MS in Education for School Counseling, and an MA in Community Psychology, as well as level II reiki certified. I live in the Capital District of NYS with two of my three daughters and our cat Pippin.

Teri and family

As a result of working with me

As a result of working with me you will feel calmer and more loved and appreciated for who you are, and live life more purposefully and aligned. You will have the confidence needed to go out and conquer your world! As you become more self empowered, you will watch your life and family morph into the vision you've always secretly held!

You'll have:

  • greater clarity about how you want to live;
  • increased ability to live your life guided by your intuition;
  • more happiness and fulfillment while having a lot more fun;
  • confidence in your ability to create the life you were meant to live;
  • deeper connections with your Source, yourself, and those you love;
  • expanded peace of mind, joy, fulfillment, and infinite self-love!


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  • Get clearer on what it is you do want to create
  • Find out what’s getting in your way
  • Discuss what can be possible for you and what specific changes you’d like to make
  • Generate energy for actually making change!